Camping Fontainebleau Forest

The Fontainebleau forest is a must - see during a stay in the camp site of l'Ile de Boulancourt. Around 10 million people come and visit this 25.000 acres forest area every year. We'll give you some indications about what's going on in the Fontainebleau forest, this infinite source of inspiration for many painters and artists.

A camp site right next to the Bleau forest

Choosing the camp site of the Ile de Boulancourt to stay near the Fontainebleau forest, this is choosing to sleep in some unconventional accommodations into the wild, not to mention the money you'll save by choosing our accommodation over a hotel. To reconnect with Mother Earth, rest and relax, nothing is better than spending a few days in our camp site and in the Bleau forest. It is true that we aren't directly in the Fontainebleau forest but almost! We're just a few miles away.

Camping near the Fontainebleau forest

From our camp site, the way to the Fontainebleau forest is easy:

  • Follow D103A2 and turn right to D410
  • Take the third one on your left
  • Take D36 and D152 and follow direction Fontainebleau

There are many parking possibilities. You'll be able to leave your car in the Fontainebleau forest without having to worry about it.

Have a walk in the Fontainebleau forest

Many of the visitors of the Ile de Boulancourt camp site are attracted by the climbing opportunities that the Fontainebleau forest offers. However, a simple walk or even an entire day of hiking in the Fontainebleau forest are also worth it !

You should also go and see the Franchard and Apremont gorges, two of the most famous sites of the Fontainebleau forest. . Don't forget to pass by the Larchant site and its rocks of the Elephant and the « Dame Jouanne ». They are one of the most beautiful rocky chaos of the forest with its sandstones shaped like animals.

Going to the beach in the Fontainebleau forest? You almost have it all !Sure, they'll be no waves, but the white sand of the Cul-de-Chien located in the « Trois-Pignons », area on the border of Noisy-sur-Ecole, is at least as good as the beaches of the south of France! It's the perfect place for a picnic break!

The panorama of the Denecourt tower is a tour that might tempt you as well. The tower is 136 meters high and will allow you to discover a stunning view of all the Seine valley.

Finally, you need to pass by the villages of painters: Barbizon. Many painters used to live there and many museum can witness it! A painterly movement was born there, the Barbizon school. A little piece of heaven, right in the Fontainebleau forest.

The list of the different walks you can take in the Fontainebleau forest is a long one, so we would recommend to go the Eco-tourism Center of Franchard. This center is one not to miss, and will allow you to have a better understanding of the forest and will know how to point you in the right direction.

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