• tente nature emplacement camping
    Far from the sound nuances, come to rediscover harmony with nature

A park dedicated to fun,


Our park is a real source of pride. Our efforts focus on its maintenance in order to preserve its beauty. In addition, we have equipment dedicated to children and athletes. There is also the friendly room to make new friends and chat. Not to mention our many events that will make you forget the time. You will never want to leave again. So don’t hesitate and come visit us

Ecological campsite,


Stay away from the noise and pollution of everyday life. Here, we take ecology very seriously. That is why we do our utmost to ensure that you have a comfortable stay while preserving the ecosystem. You will surely have the opportunity to live in harmony with the many squirrels, swans and ducks. You will be happy to rediscover this contact with nature and to relax in this environment. Because as you discover over the nights, the fauna and flora are very rich!

Near Nemours,


Close to the Porte de Boulancourt, enjoy this historic building. In addition, you will also find the town of Némours where many activities await you, such as its castle and its museum. In any case, you should not miss this incredible city that will give you the sensation of going back to medieval times. We advise you to go to their tourist office site for more information, and we hope you will be guided by the magic of this city.

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